Membership Rights

Becoming a member means you get to vote in the annual general assembly and decide on the future of Siege Engineers e.V. and its projects (if you are at least 14 years old and paid your membership fee on time).

The general assembly can even elect you as a board member, which means you get to directly build the success story of Siege Engineers e.V.

Membership Fee

Members currently have to pay an annual membership fee of € 5 - exceptions are possible in justified individual cases. The fees directly support the work of Siege Engineers e.V.


As long as you do not become a board member, only a name and an email address are required to become a member of Siege Engineers e.V.

You have all that? Great! Join the Discord and contact a board member to apply for membership. (PS: You are also very welcome to join the Discord server without becoming a member of Siege Engineers e.V.)

Board Members